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How SMS Marketing Is Helping Realtors Sell More Homes



sms marketing
SMS Marketing for Real Estate

It wasn’t too long ago that “using technology to sell homes” meant getting your property listings online. Times move quickly, and technology moves even faster. These days, building a website to showcase your properties and listing them on the many popular sites that draw huge traffic is no longer a mark of the technologically savvy. It’s a routine part of doing business.

Realtors looking to keep an edge on the competition continue to find new ways to connect with home buyers. How? Some are taking advantage of the rising popularity of text messaging to communicate with home buyers. Others utilize QR codes to let people in the market for a new home access information on the fly. As smartphones more and more become the communication tool of choice, the smart Realtor is finding ways to capitalize.


In the past few years, text messaging has grown to become so much more than just a way for teenagers to chat back and forth. It’s become an invaluable tool for business owners, including real estate agents who want to stay in contact with potential home buyers. Through small businesses such as San Diego-based TXTin Mobile Marketing, shared short code has made it affordable, allowing Realtors to add messaging to for-sale signs inviting home buyers to text in and receive property details via text message. Once a cellphone is entered into the database, real estate agents can use it to send future messages that utilize hyperlinking or GPS capabilities to market particular properties.

Text messages can link to virtually any document or web page a Realtor desires, from detailed property descriptions to video that lets home buyers standing in a driveway take a virtual tour of a property’s interior. The key is learning which buyers are shopping which areas; once that connection is made, agents can use any number of mobile marketing capabilities to get specific messages to specific people.

In addition to text message marketing, Realtors are also realizing the benefits of quick response codes (QR codes). These black-and-white, scannable square codes can be placed on anything from for-sale signage to business cards. A person in the market for a home can scan a QR code with a smartphone and be directed to any web page a Realtor chooses.

QR codes deliver many of the same benefits as a text message campaign, including the potential for survey information that provides insightful details such as how many times someone responds to a particular home listing, and property characteristics that buyers view as positive or negative. Mobile marketing is just the latest example of how creative Realtors can get ahead of the curve and capture a bigger audience, using a tool that’s “high-tech” today but will be the norm tomorrow.

Justin Velthoen of Toucan Real Estate is a real estate professional. The content presented on this site should not be considered tax or legal advice, and is intended only to assist real estate agents in finding general answers to their questions.


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Justin Velthoen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology after growing up in a construction family. A recent MBA graduate, he excels at creating systems to make formerly difficult processes effortless.

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  2. Very Informative blog. <a href=””>Text Message Marketing for Real Estate</a> would not only provide you a vast audience to bid on the deals but is also very economical as the cost per message is way less than the cost per minute advertisement on television or radio channels.

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