May 27

Real Estate Marketing: Getting More Bang For Your Direct Mail Buck



qr code for real estate marketing
Example of Qr Code

Between professional creative design, glossy printing, database mining and postal expenses, Realtors spend thousands on a direct mail campaign that markets their current properties. Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about what happens to those postcards after they’re passed along to an employee at the post office?

Now realtors can, and more and more they’re learning that the smart way to run a direct mail campaign is changing quickly. The introduction of QR codes, in particular, has helped realtors glean more information about which (and how many) consumers are responding to their marketing messages.

QR codes are one of the latest tech-savvy tools that help realtors track consumers. The black-and-white, multi-checked squares can appear on any direct mail piece (as well as any other printed marketing piece). Potential homebuyers can then use a scanning app downloaded to their smartphone to scan the code. Instantly the user is directed to a pre-determined page on the mobile web. Perhaps more importantly, when they scan, tons of information about them is stored that realtors can later use to stay in contact.

QR codes can lead homebuyers to any page on the web that a realtor deems useful, from a dedicated landing page that provides a detailed property description of a particular home, to an agency website that shows an agent’s general contact information. Every person who scans the code is entered into a database of potential leads, which realtors can later use to send out additional marketing messages.

And while consumers and realtors acclimate to the benefits of QR codes, technology is already changing the ways in which they can be used. By employing GPS technology, for instance, potential homebuyers can be automatically alerted based on the location of their phone at any given time. They can also be contacted instantly and automatically by virtue of the location of the home about which they originally showed interest, the price range of the home, or nearly any other criterion.

Direct mail is no small investment. Savvy realtors are finding out that technology is helping it lead to bigger returns.

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Justin Velthoen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology after growing up in a construction family. A recent MBA graduate, he excels at creating systems to make formerly difficult processes effortless.

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